Zap de Jong is the President of Do it Boxing Community Inc, a local non profit organisation found in Edmonton, Queensland. Zap first started the boxing club to help young people and he now has a number of strong athletes regularly attending our organisation. These young people who are our future are amateur athletes with great potential.

The Boxing Community Club runs with very limited funds, relying on their local community for support.  The club has many goals and plans to take athletes to a number of competitions throughout Queensland and even Australia. Some of the athletes have the ultimate goal of achieving entry into future Commonwealth or Olympic  games. Zap continues to support young people in the local community and states  “He will do everything the club can to help them achieve their goals”.

Each year, the club assists disadvantaged socio-economic youths in our community and without support from individuals and organisations found on our sponsor page, this would just not be possible. Donations help sustain our community organisation and are a direct benefit back to the community which we serve.

If you wish to support our organisation with ongoing support or fund-raising.  Please get in contact with us.
Thank you in advance for your support!
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